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My name is Carie Bolton and I am a Health, Fitness & Nutritional Coach as well as published Author of ‘Go Clean & Lean with Carie’

I have a love of health and wellness and being part of helping, guiding and motivating others on their  journey to improving overall health and fitness.

Taking a ‘real’ down to earth, holistic and whole foods approach.

Empowering and supporting you so that you can achieve your Goals.
Anything is possible with a positive mindset, good food, support and motivation.

Adopting the right mind set and embracing new challenges, you can succeed!
To achieve change you need to make change!

Sometimes we can get a little trapped within our own comfort zones, hang on to our ‘comfy blanket’ for just a tad too long!  In the longer term, this serves to hinder rather than help us.

Are YOU 

  • looking for assistance on a personal level?
  • looking for accountability?
  • looking to get results?

If so Call me NOW on 0422 640 429 or

Email me: bolt.onff@gmail.com


I’ve been involved in and around the Health & Fitness business for the past 30 years and since 2009 on a full time basis.

For me; education is key to ensure that I continue to learn, up skill and provide YOU, my client with the best possible service and information.


Healthy Body Coach – Working with you One on One to achieve your fitness goals:

  • Endurance & Strength Coaching for increased functionality & Sport specific
  • Rehabilitation; re-activating muscles and increasing body movement patterns
  • Challenging the Neuromuscular system for increased performance
  • Fitness for everyday life

Healthy Food Coach -Nutritional & Wellness Coaching to assist you on your journey to better health and wellbeing: Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Support

  • Re-discover your ‘REAL’ hunger and explore what foods really work for YOU!
  • Managing food intolerances; in life we are always given the No’s, my aim is to empower you with the Yes’s!
  • Pantry overhaul, clean-up and education on food labels & market jargon
  • Nutritional & Cooking Workshops: Private, Commercial & School Vacation Care


I am also a self published Author; my book ‘Go Clean & Lean with Carie’.  This book provides a resource tool as well as a recipe book.  The basis of the book is around simplifying the journey to either omitting or reducing wheat, gluten and sugars in your diet. Time saving tips and much much more!   Click the link below to preview: 



Bio & Contact

Carie Bolton – Health, Fitness & Nutritional Coach
Fitness Australia Registered – Level 2 – #041609
IICT Registered – #1701090510
Blue Card Registered – #1168824/2
Author – Go Clean & Lean with Carie
Accredited Certification in Diet, Nutrition & Health Coaching
The BioMechanics Method – Corrective Exercise Specialist
Functional Ageing & Exercise Specialist – FAI
Cert III & IV Personal Training Coach
Senior first aid & CPR

Further certifications: click the link below to connect to Fitness Australia

If you feel we may be a fit then

Please contact me NOW on 0422 640 429


 email: bolt.onff@gmail.com

with any questions or queries you may have. 

  • I like to be as flexible as possible to ensure your life is made easy
  • On-line training packages
  • It’s about what works best for you to ensure you reap the best benefits and results
  • Corporate & School Vacational Care

If you have a group of friends that would like to have some group training or nutritional workshops, then please contact me to discuss further.


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