Fast #11 & 12. pattern starting

OK, just weighed in this morning after yesterday’s fast and there is definitely a pattern starting to happen. Tues 21st 7.50am: 59kg, Body Fat down 24.4 <.4, Hydration up 55.2 >.4, muscle 42.4,>400gm Re-cap: Last Thursday’s Fast started with a 50 min, weights and abs followed by a good breakfast, no food all day. Friday morningContinue reading “Fast #11 & 12. pattern starting”

TEFF the small but effective grain

This is a tiny grain (less than 1mm diameter – similar to a poppy seed) and related to the Amaranth grain. It is made up largely of the germ and bran, making it a highly nutritious and valuable grain. Due to it’s size it tends not to be processed to any great degree. Minerals: calcium,Continue reading “TEFF the small but effective grain”