Fast #4 – #5

Quick review after last week, which was the start of the two per week one, on a Monday and Thursday:  generally feel pretty damn good!  Continuing to eat my usual foods and drink my espresso’s or long blacks and enjoy my red wine.  Exercise is mostly cross body weights sessions as currently trying to rest a few niggles from too many km’s run over the last few months / year and increase my muscle to fat ratio.

Sunday 21st Sept – weigh in at gym on Tanita scales: 59kg, Body fat: 26.9%    Hydration:  53.3%  Muscle Mass:  41  Met age: 32 Visceral fat: 4    These scales are heavily geared towards hydration so if that is down by a small amount it will directly affect the fat and muscle percentages (a note to those of you who may use these scales)

Fast #424hrs Mon 22nd Sept – 9.15am through Tues 23rd 9.30am.  Breakfast: 1/2 fillet of poached salmon with homemade garlic and chili tomato sauce and veggies and a slice of my savoury loaf with butter. long black.

Late afternoon Bikram yoga 90min class, I did feel a bit light headed in the first 20mins but this passed and I completed the class no problem. Felt the first hunger all day mid way through this class..

Home, prep Richards dinner he even had ice cream and Kalua to finish and not even a thought passed my mind to dip in and taste!  Whow that’s huge for me.

2 poo’s today, this is awesome :-).  I have got so much energy it’s positively annoying especially as bed time approaches.

Tuesday morning; gym and re-fed.  Did struggle a little today with some grazing and stomach pains. Need to be careful that the re-feed meal isn’t too big!

Fast #5 – 25hrs Thurs 25th Sept – 8am through Fri 26th – 9.30am.  This is becoming really easy and I am actually looking forward to fast days.  Today’s pre-fast brekkie: kidney beans, my homemade garlic, chili tomato sauce, poached egg and greens, rasher of bacon and coffee!

We walked to the coffee shop and Richard bought a gluten free slice (cake) and a biscotti, apparently forgetting that I was on a fast!  anyway, no negotiable I was not going to even have the smallest taste…normally I’d have had half the biscotti and maybe a wee bite of his slice.  Such control it’s awesome.

Prepared and sat through lunch with Richard and visitors and felt really comfortable sat at the table and not eating.

More poo’s and an interesting point: my hair and nails are growing like crazy!  Again just feel so good.

Friday morning and a review of last nights sleep which was quite mixed and first time I’d had a really dry throat and yukky mouth (Ghandi’s flip flop for sure)! Felt quite hungry through the night also…drank water.

Walk prior to re-feed at 9.30am.  1 poached egg, 2/3 beef sausage, rasher bacon, veggies, coffee.

Saturday 27th Sept: weigh in at gym on Tanita scales: 59.4kg, Body fat: 26.6%    Hydration:  53.6%  Muscle Mass:  41.4  Met age: 32 Visceral fat: 4         Interesting point here, during the fast day’s I am weeing so much it’s seems a real challenge to be able to get my hydration up further.  Each day I start with a warm fresh lemon, ginger and linseed drink all blended together. the rest of day is warm water, green Tea. and my 1 or 2 espresso.




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