Fast #1 – #3

Initial stats: 169cm Age: 47,  31st August weigh in at gym on Tanita scales prior to holiday and starting fast: 60.6kg, Body fat: 25.4%  Hydration:  54.5%  Muscle Mass:  42.9  Met age: 32 Visceral fat: 4

Fast #1 70hrs (Sun 7th Sept 10.30am – Wed 10th Sept 9am)

Weighted in on cousin’s scales prior to leaving for holiday @ 59.5kg, basic scales so no access to any other information…they were in the bathroom so thought I’d hop on them!

Apart from other stuff that I’ve already mentioned on my header page I’ll also bring in ‘movement’ yes I know but we all need to move everything out and I’ve always been somewhat slow in that department!  Interestingly, in the whole time of fast I did not poo but about 2hrs after the re-feed a-volia 🙂

Fast #2  26hrs (Sat 13th Sept 5.45pm – Sun 14th Sept 7.30pm) – reasonable dinner of beef spag sauce (no pasta for me as I don’t eat it) but loaded up on lots of greenery. Had the most appalling sleep, I think my body spent the whole night trying to process food…reminder to myself not to do an evening re-fed.

(Weight on arrival and prior to re-fed was: 58.5kg – same scales used as above). Once again 2 hrs after it was poo time!  just for pure interest and because I could, I re-weighed in at 7.30am the next morning at 58.4kg.  From here on there will only be one weigh in per week using a set of (older) Tania Body Analysis scales at the gym.  I don’t own a pair of scales myself and haven’t done for years.  my cloths are my guide!

Anyway, Monday 15th morning and home bound so another 5hr journey, during this time, Richard and I decided that we’d embark on a weekly fast day every Monday.  I plan to continue to log everything; day, time, food, drink, movements, weigh in, exercise etc…

I also plan to continue no food intake through the fast day.  There are so many variations out there in terms of thoughts, does and don’ts etc. I will go with the flow in terms what and how I feel.  Monday is generally a Weights training and admin day and Thursday’s generally start early and finish late with clients and a weights session in there somewhere.

Fast #3 25hrs  (Thurs 18th Sept 9am – Fri 19th Sept 10.20am)  Ok, so I changed my mind. Richard is sticking with the once a week but after reading more articles I decided I’d try 2 days so my new pattern is going to be Monday and Thursday’s Am to Am as the evening re-fed didn’t work well for me.  I also love my breakfasts!

Early start then walk prior to brekkie: 2 egg, lentil and veggie fritatta, long black.  Slight hunger through the day and these are short lived and easily overcome with warm water.  But I did start to feel more hungry later in the afternoon and had clients so decided on a cup of hot veggimite drink (1/4 tsp veggimite and water).

Day complete..loads of weeing and feeling pretty lean and clean. Jeans are feeling quite baggy around the legs and arse 😉 had a great sleep.  Seemed to cruise fairly easily through the day and made Richard lunch no problems.







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