Fast #6 – #7

Fast #6 24hrs – Mon 29th Sept 8.30am – Tues 30th Sept 8.20am.  woke and apathy rules this morning and ignored the alarm and slept through to 7.30am! push ups, side planks and crunches and lower abs set prior to getting sorted for the day (I usually do this little session several times through the day anyway).

8.30 brekkie; 2 thin slices of my savoury loaf with 1/2 large brown mushroom, poached egg and veggies and coffee.  Done for the day!  it’s actually quite a nice thought knowing that I don’t have to think about what food I may have for lunch or dinner but yes I am still preparing and cooking Richards.  Again seem to have no problems with this process and not at all tempted to tuck in!

Weights session late afternoon instead of yoga, due to a fall that I’d had last Friday so currently nursing a very bruised and cut knee..not great for the kneeling parts in yoga!

8.25pm and a grumble in my tummy so decided to have a floret of brocolli and cauli (first time I’ve really broken the fast, so to speak). this and warm water and I am good.  So another fast day and feeling great, my system really seems to enjoy these break days, my pooing is becoming so regular, skin great and energy almost more than I can out train!

Great sleep early up for client and weights session…no problem with energy to do either but I was ready to eat Tuesday at 8.20am. cooked brekkie slightly smaller than yesterday.  Lurch a bit through today, heads feels quite cloudy but the weather is utterly crap so think that’s it….didn’t really eat big at all today, more little snacks through the day i.e. 1pm lunch was 1 cup chicken curry (made Sunday) w 2tbsp rice and loads of cauli cooked with mustard and cummin seeds. dinner after i returned from the gym training clients: half tuna muffin (home made with cannellini beans and quinoa) raw veggies and tahini followed by a small serve of my protein berry choc mouse. warm water

Interesting: had an amasing nights sleep.  Wednesday and the suns shining, feeling much better and blimey another fast tomorrow awaits.

Fast #7 – 24hrs – Thurs 2nd Oct 9.30am – Fri 3rd Oct 9.30am these fast seems to come around really quickly. Slightly later start for me this morning at 8am in the gym, had a fantastic weights session, heart rate right up there :-). feeling good about today. I am actually getting to look forward to these fast days as my system seems to be functioning so much better. My hair and nails are growing at a speed I’ve not known for a long time. My jeans are fairly baggy in the legs and arse so even if it currently isn’t showing in the weigh in from the scales the other benefits are currently worth it.

Brekkie at 9.30am, usual cooked variation similiar to Monday.  Made another savoury loaf and usually when this comes out of the oven I take a ‘sample’ slice just to make sure it’s cooked ok! today…nope wan’t even tempted.  Also made a chia protein slice without a tasting 🙂

Managed another weights session this afternoon in between clients…. no need for anything food wise at all today.  Loads of weeing, blimey I am so hydrated! I think this fasting really does help detox the body because you feel so clean and lean during and after.

Friday up early for another awesome weights session.  Brekkie at 9.30am cooked but honestly I had too much and could have easily eaten about 1/3 of what I actually had: slice of savoury loaf with avocado, poached egg, veggies. coffee.   still felt full mid way through the afternoon….

Saturday 4th Oct: weigh in at gym on Tanita scales: 59kg, Body fat: 26.5%    Hydration:  53.6%  Muscle Mass:  41.2  Met age: 32 Visceral fat: 4

These results are quite interesting as I am seeing no real change to the body fat % which is what I was after.  But as mentioned previously with the scales geared towards hydration it is going to be interesting to see how long before I see any real change in these readings. On a visual note; generally looking pretty cut through the torso.  Cellulite is starting to show again…ummm? 😦 OK so re-thinking what was different about the holiday and the only really difference I can think of was a whole week without nuts and seeds so bring in a new experiment and I am going to cut out nuts and seeds for the next week to see if this impacts on figures and visual……ahhhhhh this could be harder than fasting. I love my nuts and seeds!


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