Fast #8 and # 9

Monday 6th Oct Fast #8

Ok so today took a different turn to what I’d planned as my usual Monday Fast.

(Sunday evening I had a late snack because I felt hungry and way to much energy! So 9.50pm had a medium sized raw brown mushroom smeared with Dijon mustard and topped with some salmon fillet (smoked)).

Started the day with a walk for a few kms.

9.30am home and cooking up the usual 2 course breakfast for Richard (he’s also Fasting today). I really didn’t feel hungry so decided not to eat;

A change of strategy for today’s fast and play the day by how things panned out according to how I felt and my hunger levels based on a scale of 1-5 (1 low and 5 high).

2pm – 16hrs after my late evening snack and felt pretty hungry. Have had lots of warm water through the morning and Green Tea… but decided I did need something so had a repeat of last nights late snack Mushroom this time with some green leaves on the side. Finished with a small Chia protein square.

Bright and alert J through the day, got lots done.

5.30pm, went for another brisk walk for a few kms.

7.30pm feeling pretty hungry again – Snack: 1 scoop Pure Pea Protein in water, followed by another raw mushroom topped with ¼ c black beans mashed with avocado and some green leaves on the side. Yes a glass of red to wash it down!

Summary: 22hrs of heavily restricted intake.

Sleep not great.

Post fast: Tues 7th Oct up at 6.45am ½ tbsp. soaked chia seeds in water, warm water then hit the gym for an awesome 35min weights session. We decided to do a weigh in, more to check the hydration levels because through the fast day I seemed to wee so much, but also drink a lot more too!

Result: My hydration was down 5 points based on Saturday’s reading, Richard’s was the same, as was his weight, where mine was 200gm down.

Blood pressure: 121/68 pulse 76…..pretty pleased with that!   Saturday read: 102/66 pulse 72

9.30am – complete re-fuel with a poached egg, black beans, homemade napoli sauce, veggies.

Through Tues and Wed had a good re-fuel.

Wed 8th started with another awesome weights session – energy and stamina is certainly not something I am short of on this Intermittent Fasting.

Thursday Oct 9th Fast #9

Start with a 5.45am RPM 1 hr class, first cardio in ages…felt great. Trained clients after so didn’t get back home until 7.50am, pretty hungry. Had ½ tbsp. chia seeds soaked in water with 1 scoop pure pea protein…..

9.30am cooked brekkie to power me through Fast day: usual poached egg, veggies and a rasher of bacon. Black coffee.

12.30 felt pretty peckish, more warm water then black coffee at 1pm.

Cruising through the day nicely, a hair cut just 4 wks after the last one! It had grown that much…crazy, I think as a result of the fasting. Allowing the body to rest and use all the nutrients it has been fed in between fast days for repair rather than continuous digestion.

Further walk for a few kms early evening. Feeling all good.
Great sleep J

Post Fast: Friday 10th– started the day with another great weights session, no problems at all with energy or strength to get through the session. Just warm water prior to session.

Chose not to check hydration or weight today as Saturday is normal check in day for that so tomorrow’s results will be interesting.

Review of week:

Energy high, drinking loads, listening to body especially Monday when I needed to switch the original plan. System feeling great, will continue again next week.





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