Quick update as things seem to be actually happening on the scales!

Sat 11th Oct weigh in: up 59.4kg >400gm, Body Fat down 25.1 <2.1, Hydration up 54.7 >1.6, muscle 42.2 >2.2

Interesting facts considering my hydration was down .5points last Tues. after Fast day.

Monday 13th Oct. Fast #10, progressed as usual until the afternoon just when I wanted to head to Bikram.  about 3.30 started to get light headed, head ache and ringing in the ears!  by 4 decided to have half an electrolyte tab in water and cooked veggies left from brekkie to see if that solved the problem…nope got worse before better.

Loads of fluid through the day, loads of body de-toxing also!  Full day working on the book so at home all day thank goodness but I kept going into the evening.  The dizzy spell finally passed 7.30 ish.

Never had this before in all the previous fasts so thinking that it may be a side effect of the OIL Pulling that I decided to do Sunday night prior to bed and also Monday morning on waking…never practiced this before but the benefits sounded interesting!  maybe proceed with caution on this experiment.

Gym session first up this morning, early weights leg and abs session.  Got through it but tough going. quite light headed at the end. (HIIT 30mins session)

Interesting results as a post fast weigh in: down 58.9kg <500gm, Body Fat down 24.8 <.3, Hydration up 54.8 >.1, muscle 42,<200gm

This is interesting based on the huge dip last week, so maybe it’s true that it takes upwards of a month before you see any real result.  If this keeps going I am pleased and fascinated how the end of the week result shows.