Fast #11 & 12. pattern starting

OK, just weighed in this morning after yesterday’s fast and there is definitely a pattern starting to happen.

Tues 21st 7.50am: 59kg, Body Fat down 24.4 <.4, Hydration up 55.2 >.4, muscle 42.4,>400gm

Re-cap: Last Thursday’s Fast started with a 50 min, weights and abs followed by a good breakfast, no food all day. Friday morning did a 6am RPM no problem and felt great.

Friday had a really bad latter part of the day with hydration and then drank 1 gl red and later 3 gl of champers..nice but not the best re-hydration program.  No surprise I woke Sat with a bad head!

Weigh in on Sunday and amazed at the results that my hydration was 55 weight at 59.4kg Fat 24.6

Yesterday’s fast started with a 35min Weights session more leg focused.

A busy day working on my book and by late afternoon the frustration of the task I was doing created emotional requirements to eat but I actual wasn’t truly hungry? but I felt I needed something to take the edge off it! So choose 1/4 cucumber with a good sprinkle of cracker pepper and salt. Did the trick or was it the Glass of red later!

This morning woke early, off to gym for a heavy mixed upper body session – 30mins. felt great and no problem with stamina. Only concern from this morning’s results was my blood pressure, lowest yet: 100/62 pulse 90 (oh yeah that was high!).

My body seems to be able to regulate the hydration better now and good to see a slow continual drop in the body fat percentage, which is what this was all about.  Roll on Thursday for the next one 🙂

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