IF Gone Crazy

Since I last blogged I’ve managed to achieve (if those are the right words) a series of fast’s, I will add to no gain… it looks like this.

Thursday 23rd Oct – ended up doing an 16 hr fast with a 8hr re-feed window. Started the day with an early 5.45am RPM for 60mins. No problems with this.

By the time I’d finished with clients the morning was ticking along and coffee time was upon me (10.45ish) realization then that I was close to pushing a 16hr fast, so at that point made the decision to remove a late breakfast and then have a good cooked lunch.

Friday 24th Oct – not a great day on the food front. Although my breakfast was healthy, it wasn’t one that sat well with me (normally an egg and veggie girl). Decided on yoghurt, chia seeds and berries then eat a good tablespoon of the energy ball mix I was making for us to take away! All good stuff but totally wrong timing for me personally. Ended up sleeping in the car for nearly an hour as we headed down to Masterton. Re-fueled later in the day with chicken breast some leaves and yes some potato crisps….. followed by some wine tasting, I drove as I spit not sip!

9pm hungry – eat the rest of the chicken breast (approx. 100gm) and some leaves.

Saturday 25th Oct – 18 /6 Fast – woke feeling pretty ordinary and not really needing any breakfast, so watching Richard eat the most yummy looking brekkie we’ve had out in a long time was hard in one way but not in another, I sat back an enjoyed a double espresso.

11.30am ish – Approx 18-20km hike / run up and down Mt Holdsworth, to the first Hut. 1000 mt ascent, decent. Got up in bang on 2hrs. I was feeling great until the last section of the ascent when the wood steps cut in and it hit me that I was running on empty. Had an energy ball that I’d made Friday and ½ an electrolyte tab dissolved in water which I sipped on the way to the top…all good.

Another couple of the balls at the top and prep another electrolyte drink to make the decent. Most of this was running down once we passed the steep step section, my legs were absolute jelly and it was as much as I could do to control the shaking – OK all out of glycogen big time. Anyway, all sweet and had a good run to the bottom and finished with a dunk in the freezing swim hole to aid recovery.

4pm ish – Quick feed of peanut butter on a rice cake before heating up the Chili that I’d made.

Not something that I would recommend for future as I really needed something else at the top but also highlights just how little I personally need to undertake endurance activities. (Previously I’ve always run marathons on just 1 rice cake and peanut butter with no previous carb load the day prior).

Sunday 26th – Breakfast on waking which ended up as Tuna, avocado and leaves.

Did a 10km flat walk later in the day, all good but legs pretty trashed.

Monday 27th – (labour holiday) 18/6 Fast – rest day with exception of drinking 3 glass’s of wine through the day, also not a great plan to re-hydrate with!

Tuesday 28th – Total fast after my usual cooked breakfast. Started the day with an upper body weights and abs session – 30mins

So, after all this random fasting and not sticking to any protocol, what was the result? NO GAIN at ALL!

Weight: 59.4kg, Hydration down to: 54.1 so that automatically throws the fat up and muscle down. Fat: 25.9, Muscle: 41.8

Wednesday 29th – Early start with clients then a legs session for myself. 9am Home and a cooked breakfast devoured. All sweet energy wise.

Thinking that I’ll slip back into my usual cycle so tomorrow will become another Fast day.

Thoughts: With the exception of this last week, I’ve made no actual changes to the foods that I eat or the portion sizing. So based on my results up to this last random week, I think I may start to look at how I’ll tweak my diet slightly to see if I can increase the results. This is just about experimenting because I can. Whilst I am seeing gains in terms of skin, energy, hair, nail growth etc then this to me is worth continuing with.

Based on that fact that I am sitting for extended periods of the day (working to finish my book) the fact that I am holding in a weight range of 59 – 59.4kg is pleasing

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