Savoury Bread – Low GI

This is very filling bread and a great alternative to shop bought gluten free breads that are made from highly processed grain flours. With the addition of the vegetables and bacon you really do have a meal in a slice! A fantastic ‘lunch box’ option and tastes great topped with avocado. It also toasts veryContinue reading “Savoury Bread – Low GI”

Fast Monday 17th & Thurs 20 – 24hr / 16hr

Monday 17th & Thursday 20th Nov. Started the day with an awesome Spartan 300 workout; haven’t done one of these for a long time, they’re fun! Full on weights session with a total of 300 moves. Total time to do it in 28mins. 9.15am Cooked breakfast of poached egg, small beef sausage, lentils, veg and homemadeContinue reading “Fast Monday 17th & Thurs 20 – 24hr / 16hr”

Apricot Protein Balls – no bake

Use natural dried un-sulphured apricots to get a beautiful rich sweetness and the addition of fresh ginger and lemon really help bring out the best in these little beauties. Packed full of nutrients they work well as a pre- or post exercise snack or just a quick sweet pick me up.       Makes: 28Continue reading “Apricot Protein Balls – no bake”

Changes required on the IF this week

I had to make some switches in the last 7 days; Sunday 9th – ended up a 24hr fast period after a huge social day on Sat. re-feed started with a 7.30pm lighter meal Sunday evening. Monday 10th – not a complete fast as per usual but heavily restricted and within 500cals through the day.Continue reading “Changes required on the IF this week”

IF with a greater focus on diet

Well, since my last post at the weekend I have implemented some changes to my diet this since I am taking on the challenge to reduce weight by 1.5kg and maintain muscle. What’s come out of the IF so far is the ability to slide through fast days easily and maintain an even weight. MovingContinue reading “IF with a greater focus on diet”

Reduce the sugar and think about your sweetener choice!

I am hopefully coming to a conclusion with my book. At last I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. After many reviews of the recipes I noted how little sugar in terms of Raw Honey/Organic Maple syrup/Natural unrefined sugars are used in the recipes. Reducing processed sugar(s) such as white sugar,Continue reading “Reduce the sugar and think about your sweetener choice!”