Back on track

Thursday 30th – Fast day – early start with an hour RPM class followed by clients. Cooked breakfast but later in the morning around 11am felt somewhat weird (must be all this computer work!) so had a further snack, loads of peanut butter involved! ☺

Tucked a 5 km walk in later in the afternoon.

Friday 31st – up at 5.30am for an hours work on the computer (book editing) then off to the gym at 7am – 30mins, cross body weights and abs, as usual no problem with energy. Cooked brekkie at about 9am, usual re-feed through the day.

Saturday 1st Nov – gym session at 7.30am – short and sharp.
Tested out another Tabata session as not done one for ages: looked like this:
20sec hard effort / 10 sec recovery: 8 rounds
Treadmill: 1 x 14km/p, 3 x 14.5km/p, 2 x 15km/p, 2 x 15.5km/p (next will pitch straight in at 16km/p)
Followed by: single arm 9kg lb swings – 8 rounds each arm (same timing which gave me 12 swings per arm in 20 sec)
Followed by: Abs set pushed out to 14rounds on this
Using a 6kd db – lying to v, db twist side to side then full crunch to feet

Usual Saturday weight in:
59kg, 24.7Body fat, 55 Hydration, 42.2 muscle mass….

Pretty much back to ‘normal’ and another confirmation that the 2 IF is allowing me to sustain an even body weight even though all the sitting and no change to my usual eating on non-fast days.

Richard is taking on a body improvement challenge with the other BePure guys so see what body changes they can create prior to Christmas! So, I say why not join in.
So I am setting a goal to see if I can achieve a 1.5kg loss but sustaining muscle……should be interesting.

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