IF with a greater focus on diet

Well, since my last post at the weekend I have implemented some changes to my diet this since I am taking on the challenge to reduce weight by 1.5kg and maintain muscle.
What’s come out of the IF so far is the ability to slide through fast days easily and maintain an even weight. Moving forward I do have a concern at how low my blood pressure is riding, so if it reads low again this weekend I will think to drop Thursday’s fast.

Weigh in on Sat 1st: 59kg < 400gm, Hydration 55, so my fat reading was 24.7 and muscle up 42.2.

I am now putting in place some more science to get me to 58kg as a first step and it looks likes this:
Allocation per day: Protein 127.9gm, Carbs 145gm, Fat 22gms.
So far this week, I’ve struggled too reach the protein intake and carbs but gone over on the fats.
Yesterday Wed 5th, I felt like I eat so much but still down on allocations.
Because the hydration reading was low I am trying to focus on getting this up for Sat’s weigh in.

Today, Thursday 6th – Fast day.
Started at 5.45am with an Hour RPM followed by training clients so breakfast didn’t happen until 9am.
Cooked: 2 eggs (1 yolk), 1/3 C lentils, 1 c veg. followed that by 1/2 scp. protein powder sloshed down with a coffee :-)….

Other exercise this week:
Monday: 45min RPM evening class
Tuesday: 40 min Legs and abs session
Wednesday: 30 min Upper body, heavy weights

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