Attention to detail & IF

In my last blog I mentioned I was going to pay some serious attention to detail on my diet, well this has paid off on the weight.

Since my switch to focus on gram intake per macro nutrients; I’ve actually really struggled to consume my quota and been so full.  Cut out the odd spoonful of desiccated coconut which was becoming somewhat of a habit to ‘pick on’.  So even though I use non-sweetened (you have to look for it as most are sweetened), 28gm (1oz) stumps up a massive 185 cals, Protein: 1.9gm, Carb: 6.6gm & Fat: 18.1gm….so needless to say that’s gone along with the peanut butter.

Result after starting this on Monday 3rd along with my usual 2 fast days, weigh in Sat am after workout as usual:

Weight: 58.3Kg <700gm, Hydration down 54.2 so again will show fat up to 25.7 and muscle down to 41.1.

More focus on hydration and increasing my Kelp intake to assist with this. Feeling great and had some fantastic workouts this week, no slump to energy whilst in Fast or following fast.


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