Changes required on the IF this week

I had to make some switches in the last 7 days;

Sunday 9th – ended up a 24hr fast period after a huge social day on Sat. re-feed started with a 7.30pm lighter meal Sunday evening.

Monday 10th – not a complete fast as per usual but heavily restricted and within 500cals through the day. Had a couple of pure pea protein shakes made with water and quite a lot of raw veggies. Great Tabata workout first up at 6.30am – no problem with stamina or energy. Mammoth day working on the final alignment and proof read of my book – felt utterly exhausted at the end of the day.

Tuesday 11th – 5.45am RPM 1 hr class – legs felt tired but only to be expected after y’days workout. Usual cooked breakfast following. Early afternoon felt really light headed and weak. Spent the remainder of the day, upping the carbohydrates i.e. sweet potato, kidney beans, some more fruit, along with proteins and more fats.

Wednesday – all good again ☺ had an excellent weight sessions / cross training and another RPM on Thursday morning.

Thursday – Due to my blood pressure getting lower on the last few weigh in checks and Tuesday’s light head, I made the choice not to fast.

Saturday 15th – great tabata session first up then the usual Saturday weigh in check and it looked like this:

Weight: 58.9kg – up 400gm from 4th Nov but still under the 59kg – so not displeased taking into consideration the week.

Fat 24.5 – down from 25.7

Hydration: 55.1 – up from 54.2

Muscle: 42.2kg – up from 41.1

My blood pressure had improved 107/62 with pulse at 61 so that good considering I’d dropped to 90/63 with pulse at 73.

Challenging week with the completion of my book and pleased that I made the choice not to fast Thursday.

Plan for next week; to fall back into a 2 day fast Monday and Thursday with continued focus on hydration and the gm’s of Macro nutrients. However, any light headed feeling and will I ditch Thursday’s fast again. Hair and nails continue to grow at a crazy speed.  

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