Apricot Protein Balls – no bake

Apricot Protein Balls finishedApricot measure logApricot as log

Use natural dried un-sulphured apricots to get a beautiful rich sweetness and the addition of fresh ginger and lemon really help bring out the best in these little beauties. Packed full of nutrients they work well as a pre- or post exercise snack or just a quick sweet pick me up.       Makes: 28 x 10g balls

½ cup of each: dried apricots / raw cashew nuts / raw almonds / puffed millet grain

1 scoop (25-30gm) protein powder (vanilla works well)

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp sunflower seeds

1 cm fresh ginger – peeled

½ fresh lemon – juice and zest

green tea to soak apricots

Pre-soak the apricots in green tea for 30 – 60 mins prior, then drain well and retain the liquid.  Pre-soak the cashews in water for the same time, rinse and drain well.

With the exception of the chia seeds and millet place everything in a food processor and blend until you have a clumpy mass.

Either add the chia seeds and millet and pulse until combined, or turn out into a large bowl, add the chia seeds and millet and mix well.

Use either additional lemon juice or the strained liquid from the apricots if the mix is too stiff but only add small amounts at a time.

If the mixture is too gooey, add additional chia seeds as they will expand and soak up the excess.  Either form balls, or make a long log in cling wrap, chill and slice to required size.

The flavour really develops and settles if left a while prior to eating and they freeze really well.

Tips & Notes:   If you don’t have any protein powder you can either omit it all together or reduce the liquid to bind, or add additional chia seeds to increase the protein levels. Puffed Millet can be replaced with any other puffed grain or oat meal.

High in fibre and potassium.

Nutritional profile based on a serving size: 10gm

Cals: 43

Protein: 1.9 gm

Carbs: 3.7 gm Fibre: 1gm Sugar: 1.96gm

Fats: 2.6 gm

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