Fast Monday 17th & Thurs 20 – 24hr / 16hr

Monday 17th & Thursday 20th Nov. Started the day with an awesome Spartan 300 workout; haven’t done one of these for a long time, they’re fun! Full on weights session with a total of 300 moves. Total time to do it in 28mins.

9.15am Cooked breakfast of poached egg, small beef sausage, lentils, veg and homemade chilli tomato sauce all slushed down with a black coffee.

Off I go again.  Mid afternoon I made some Apricot Protein Balls (see recipes – they are yum) and I did have a couple. I just had to try them 🙂

Around 6pm: I had a tbsp. chia seeds soaked in ¼ c water to form a gel. So not a complete fast but all good with loads of water and green tea.

Tuesday started with an early 1 hr RPM, all good here on an energy level but I was pretty hungry when I got home.

Fast broken at 8.15 with a 2 poached eggs (1 yolk), black beans, veg and yeap…my chili tomato sauce – I am addicted!

Wednesday another gym session – Spartan 300 again, bizarrely fun.

Last meal at 7.15pm, 100gm white fish with homemade coleslaw and cucumber and small gl of red wine.

Thursday – FAST day.   Up at 5.15am for Clients so by the time I’d finished it made more sense to continue my fast from last night and aim for 16hr period.

So at around 11.30am I had my usual cooked breakfast and continued my day as normal with a protein shake at 1.30.

Had another fantastic workout: Tabata session starting with treadmill sprints then onto a cable workout followed by abs.

7pm dinner: chicken, salsa, avo, rice etc.

To do the fast this way made more sense than pushing it out to a fall 24hrs.  So I await Saturdays weigh in to see what’s being on this week.

Friday evening and another full on session with treadmill sprints followed by some leg and butt moves!  I go for intensity, so my workouts range from 25 – 40mins tops.

Saturday 22nd: I really wasn’t sure what to expect today, as I’ve been feeling pretty fluidy (if that’s a word!) in the legs this week. My physic is such that when I start to train my legs harder and more specific with heavier weights, coupled with increase in cycling, they bulk really quickly (great if your a guy!).

Anyway, really pleased and surprised by the result:

Weight: 58.9kg – same as last Saturday

Body fat: 23.1 down on last wk (24.5), Hydration: 56.2 up on last wk (55.1) so naturally Muscle up: 43kg last wk (42.2)

Interestingly even with the slight switch to Thursday’s fast, by blood pressure is still down: 93/59 pulse at 73. I’ll re-check this Tuesday morning after Monday’s fast.  Not having any dizzy spells so not too concerned at this stage, just interested in how and why its dropping.  (research does show that fasting helps reduce blood pressure – so if you suffer from high blood pressure (not me) then maybe you should try it!).  The key factor is it’s not in any way affecting my workouts which is awesome.

I am still struggling to get all the protein quota into my diet that I’ve allocated myself. Once you really start to focus on this in detail you get a great understanding of how much each meal choice is providing in terms of grams of actual protein (no grams in weight of protein source). Same with carbs and fats. Just gets very time consuming analyzing everything to such a degree. But with a great result I will continue to keep the focus.


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