Survive the Festive Season without piling on the pounds!

Carie Tips

  • Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses
  • Don’t kid yourself, it’s only you that you’re trying to fool
  • Distance yourself from your weakness(s)!
  • Know what’s on offer at the party i.e. nibbles, 3 course lunch or dinner, no food at all.
  • Be prepared!

Carie’s Tips 

#1. Always start your day with a good breakfast no matter what the day holds for you. Get lots of protein, as this will help ward off the munchies…

#2. Don’t starve yourself before you go out and party, you’ll end up eating and drinking a whole lot more than you planned.

#3. If it’s a buffet, mingle lots and stay the other side of the room, away from the buffet table!
Choose the smallest plate available and don’t go back for seconds!
Pile high with raw veggies of any colour, and add protein. Steer away from the heavily laden pasta and potato salads and don’t even think about the garlic bread!

#4. If it’s a canapé style do, there may be lots of deep fried or pastry offerings. Eat the inside and leave the coatings and pastry behind. Do not let those battered or pastry coatings become the extra layer of coating on your butt and midriff!

#5. Everyone loves Potato chips – hot or cold, but back away if you don’t want to spend the whole of January trying to get rid of that muffin top!

#6. 3 course lunch or dinner; choose wisely! Focus on getting good protein and veggies on your plate and ask for sauces and stuffing’s on the side. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra veg.
Share your dessert with your partner.
Just because it’s on your plate does not mean you have to eat it!
Take control, you’ll feel so much better mentally and physically for it.

#7. If you’re going to drink, keep it as clean as possible, i.e. ease off the pre-mixed drinks as they are loaded with crap and more like kids fizzy pop with high alcohol. If spirits are your thing, then use clean mixers like soda water and a dash of lime cordial, load up on ice to help dilute the damage. Choose dry wines over sweet. Lighter beers over heavy and drink water in between to slow it all down and ease the hang over the next day.

#8. Mingle and boogie lots. This way you’ll eat and drink less and move more, which means you’ll feel a whole better the next morning.

#9. Keep your regular exercise routine going, just because it’s December and lots going on is not a good reason to stop. Exercise first thing in the morning then it’s done!

#10. Most importantly: Laugh lots and have fun

If you follow these simple rules it will make that New Years resolution to lose weight and get fitter that bit easier!!


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