Fast update for last 2 weeks Mon 24th Nov – Thurs 4th Dec

A slightly modified couple of weeks Fasting, which has shown a few small changes in the figures
Monday 24th Nov – 24hr Fast
Started the day with a 40min mixed weights session, followed by my usual cooked breakfast at around 9am. Late afternoon I then did an hour of yoga. Because I felt pretty hungry then early evening I made the decision to have a pea protein drink made with water. Fixed me nicely 🙂

Tuesday 25th – started with an early 1hr RPM class.

Thursday 27th Nov – 16/8 Fast
After dinner on Wednesday evening at around 6.30pm I then fasted until 1pm Thursday. This actually worked quite well as I had clients from 6am through to mid-morning, then my own 40min weights session. So perfect timing for a morning coffee hit!

Weight in Saturday am as usual – result below
A fairly full on week with weights sessions and the body feeling pretty tired.

Monday 1st Dec – full 24hr fast from breakfast to breakfast, started with my usual weights session: 30mins today. Breakfast then total fast.

Tuesday 2nd – 1 hr RPM to start, home for breakfast to break fast then later in the day a quick 15min HIIT session with heavy weights.

Thursday 4th Dec – similar approach to last week Thursday 16/8 Fast.
Early start with clients so I fasted from Wed. evening dinner through to Thursday lunch time. Then did a late afternoon mix cardio and weights session.

Interesting to see how these changes over the last 2 wks have made to the figures:
Sat 29th Nov.
59.3kg / Body fat 25.9% / Hydration 54.1% / Muscle 41.7kg / Met age 32 / Vis Fat 4
Blood pressure: 98/65 pulse 62
Sat 6th Dec.
59.3kg / Body fat 24.3% / Hydration 55.3% / Muscle 42.6kg / Met age 32 / Vis Fat 4
Blood pressure: 102/63 pulse 73

Summary: this is the first time in over a month that I’ve tipped over the 59kg.
Body hydration % has been up and down, which directly reflects on the body fat % and muscle mass.
Good to see my blood pressure sneaking back up!

So clearly with my inactive state during the day (sat at the computer for many hours) the 2nd complete day of fasting allows for my weigh to stay below the 59kg. It is good to see an increase in blood pressure as do think the complete 2 x 24hr fasts where clearly driving this downward.

As I type this up now Thursday 10th, I am in a partial fast. Update on next blog

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