Fast re-commences after the Festive Season

Just a quick update;

Fasting over the Festive Season become very out of sequence (no surprise I hear you say!).  It was very much about eating only when hungry for the greater part and interestingly I didn’t consume any nuts or seeds during the whole period, this I have continued as it did seem to have a positive effect, not only on keeping my weight stable but also on regularity (if you get my meaning!).

So although I was back in NZ last week, we still had friends to catch up with which meant Festive Celebrations continue into this weekend! Exercise wise I have tried to maintain activities where possible; utilising pools and doing many laps or using a bungy style belt to be able to continue swimming for a fixed period without going anywhere – a great little tool especially in pools that aren’t really long enough for laps.
Body weigh exercises such as push ups, squats and some abs work and weights where possible.

After my workout this morning; a mix of plyo bench jumps, weights and abs I did my first Weigh In since 13th Dec heres how it looked:

13/12/14 – 9am after W’out
Weight: 59kg  Body Fat: 24.2%  Hydration: 55.4%  Muscle: 42.5kg  Vis. fat 4  Met. Age: 32   Blood Pressure: 99/65 pulse 72

12/1/15 – 7.30am after W’out
Weight: 59.5kg  Body Fat: 24.6%  Hydration: 55.1%  Muscle: 42.6kg  Vis. fat 4  Met. Age: 32  Blood Pressure: 108/72 pulse 96 (clearly the plyo had an effect!)

So, the good news is even with all my Festive activities I have managed to maintain a fairly even result which is great and good to see my blood pressure back up a little. The 2 day a week of fasting was evidently having an effect.

Back to a Semi fast today, when I got back from the gym I had a rice cracker, vegemite and avocado whilst my bacon and egg bakes where cooking!  Around 2pm a Pea protein (half measure) mixed to a mousse with water and added some blueberries. Lots and lots of water so far.

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