Lemon Infused Iced Green Tea

HOMEMADE CHILLED GREEN TEA 19-1-15BottledIced_Lemon_300x300

Hot and thirsty?

Are you going for a bottle Iced Green Tea thinking it’s a great healthy option?
If so, check this out: a typical 600ml bottle of this stuff (the manufacture states is 1 serve) carries a whopping 32gm of sugar. That equals 8 teaspoons worth of the White Stuff!

Easily fixed and saving you not only a huge sugar hit but $$$$ in your back pocket.

Invest in some good quality Organic Green Tea Leaves and brew your own.
Allow to cool and place in a glass bottle or jar in the fridge and chill down until you fancy a nice refresher..
Add some fresh lemon and or mint if so desired.

Just remember this has no sugar so it may be a shock initially but the key is not to make the tea too strong. If you must add some sweetness, use a little (I mean a little) bit of honey to sweeten say half a teaspoon.

This is so refreshing, cheap, easy to make and has great health benefits too!

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