Protein Packed Strawberry Mousse

  Another great fast option for a protein packed dessert or add some oatbran / quinoa flakes and/or chia seeds and HELLO we have a brekkie! I just wanted to show that I don’t have any flash gear. Just a Stab blender with a few attachments…I used the bowl and the whisk here. Serving 2-3 (dependsContinue reading “Protein Packed Strawberry Mousse”

Upcoming events in Wellington – 5th & 6th March

Thursday 5th March – check out the link below for details – Demo and book signing at Moore Wilson’s Friday 6th March –  Tastings and book launch being held at Commonsense Organic, Wakefield Street, Wellington Further events coming up in Hawkes Bay..

Tofu Scramble with extra protein

Inspired by a new client that I am currently working with – thank you! This was really easy and made good use of the other half of the tofu from yesterday mornings breakfast. A simple vegetable scramble with added protein!  Super yum, light but really filling. 150gm Silken Tofu (Organic & Non GMO) 1 cupContinue reading “Tofu Scramble with extra protein”

Gluten Free & Vegan Protein Pancake

OK, I know what your thinking….hang on, she posted that pancake yesterday!  Well, this one is different, not only is it Gluten free and Vegan but also suitable for Coeliac’s that maybe completely intolerant to Oats. After this mornings workout, I so fancied a pancake (yesterday’s tasted so good – yes I managed to sneak aContinue reading “Gluten Free & Vegan Protein Pancake”

Superfast Protein Oat Pancake

Saturday evening and a sick man in the house who needs something comforting!  This pancake took me less than 8mins from bowl to serving plate!  Makes a great breakfast option too and also tastes great cold. Protein packed and easy to make; 2 eggs 2 tbsp of natural yoghurt 1 tsp each: ground flax, desiccated coconut,Continue reading “Superfast Protein Oat Pancake”

2 minute Choc Protein Berry Mousse

Into the blender it goes – out comes a beautifully yummy and nutritious mousse! Serves 1-2 (depends on how greedy you want to be!) 1/4 cup – Natural Yoghurt or Almond milk or water 1/4 cup frozen Blueberries 1 tbsp Ground Flax and Desiccated Coconut 2 scp Vanilia Protein Powder 1-2 tbsp Raw Cacao PowderContinue reading “2 minute Choc Protein Berry Mousse”

Salmon, Broccoli and Sweet Potato Fritatta

  I’ve just whipped these up from some leftovers; mix and match to suit what’s in your fridge and your taste but this will give you an idea just how easy it can be to create a ready to go breakfast or lunch for tomorrow! This made 4 small muffins Heat the oven to 180oCContinue reading “Salmon, Broccoli and Sweet Potato Fritatta”

Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens

Tonight I got in later than usual and just needed something quick, light but nourishing. So this is what I put into a saucepan and let it bubble away whilst I on and did other stuff! 1 cup Chicken Stock (see note below) 1 garlic clove – sliced 1 red chilli – sliced (optional) 2 handfuls ofContinue reading “Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens”

Buckwheat, Quinoa & Date Biscuits

Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free. So for those of you that saw my post the other day with similar looking biscuits, this is my revised recipe!  I’ve added quinoa and protein powder for an extra boost.  They are simple to create and taste super yum with no added sugars. Makes: 12 x 1tbsp size 2 cupContinue reading “Buckwheat, Quinoa & Date Biscuits”

Tastings & book signing at Cornucopia Organics this Thursday

If you fancy tasting a few sweet and savoury dishes from my newly released book Go Clean & Lean with Carie, then come along this Thursday 5th February to Cornucopia Organics in Hastings between 11.30 and 2.30. Check out the book and get a personalised signed copy and enjoy all that Cornucopia store has to offerContinue reading “Tastings & book signing at Cornucopia Organics this Thursday”