FabFeb – Going ‘Dry’ and Sugar Free for Feb!

Whilst many of you will be ditching sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diets for the month of Feb (and longer I hope!)  see: fabfeb.org for more details.

I have chosen to give up my beloved Wine for Feb and go ‘DRY’!
The volume of sugar and simple carbs that I consume is so low that I needed to challenge myself in another way. (wine is of course a simple carb too!)

This is what I chose last night for my celebration into ‘Dry Feb’!  

I will also be getting back into my fasting in a more structured manner as I did last year, January seems to have breezed by in a flash.  I have done a couple of days fasting here and there as well as much lighter eating days, where I just I didn’t feel I needed as much.  Several long travel days being sat for long periods, does not require the food intake to that of an active day!

Sileni Sparkling

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