Tips for Quitting Sugar


Firstly get into the habit of checking all food labels because sugar crops up in the most unsuspecting places, here are just a few examples: Flavoured Crisps and Chips (Corn/Potato/Rice/Cassava), Sauces, Baked Beans and other tinned products even vegetables and fruit, Cereals & Muesli, Deli Meats, anything flavoured including water, spice mixes, dried fruits (many have added sugar especially Cranberries), fruit juice, bottled smoothies and there are many more…….

Coffee: A Starbucks Tall (12oz) Chia Latte has a whopping 32gms of sugar that means 8 teaspoons of sugar!  that’s before you’ve added anything else into your mid-morning coffee break.

Remember: if it says 98% fat free, that generally means that it is loaded with sugar! Sugar turns to fat and creates mass inflammation in the body which will in turn creates other ongoing health issues: Heart disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Mental health problems such as depression, alzheimer’s, ADHD……and of course Obesity!

4gms of sugar = 1 teaspoon

So where do you start?
Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

  1. Start with a high protein breakfast such as eggs, bacon, green veggies (rocket, spinach, kale etc). or a Protein smoothly, add greens to this too!
  2. Increase your protein intake at each meal along with healthy fats and slow burning carbohydrates (not sugary cereals or crackers or refined breads). This will help keep you feeling fuller for longer give you more energy, so help avoid those mid morning/afternoon dips that normally send you in the direction of a Sweet fix!
  3. Increase your water intake.  Stick to plain water and add your own flavour such a squeeze of fresh lemon/lime, sprig of mint.  Herbal Tea’s – Green is always a great option.
  4. If you feel the urge for your ‘sweet fix’, get up and move (not to the vending machine!).  Change the task your doing or go for a quick walk around the office – stopping at the water machine instead. (breaking the habit is key to success)
  5. BE PREPARED: to feel crap! and possibly have a few skin breakouts; this is your body going through a detox process.
  6. BE PREPARED: keep a small bag of healthy nibbles handy – make your own trail mix with different raw nuts, seeds and a few sultanas/currents in – no choc drops!. Keep a protein shake handy (not Up & Go), source a good protein powder and keep some in a tub in your office desk along with a shaker, or mix with a small amount of water to form a mousse!  Make your own Protein Bliss Balls (no added honey etc).
  7. Use pure CINNAMON; this is a natural wonder of a spice and creates a lovely sweetness with a long list of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase metabolism, aids the digestive system (key for IBS), arthritis..

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