Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens

Chicken stock with power greens

Tonight I got in later than usual and just needed something quick, light but nourishing. So this is what I put into a saucepan and let it bubble away whilst I on and did other stuff!

1 cup Chicken Stock (see note below)
1 garlic clove – sliced
1 red chilli – sliced (optional)
2 handfuls of Greens: Greens beans/ Kale/ Silverbeat/ Endamame beans  – pretty much anything that you may have available. Chinese broccoli and bok choy also work well.

I just waited until the stock had dissolved and heated through because I used a portion from the freezer, prior to adding in my greens.

Options: add in shredded chicken / prawns / tofu / black beans and anything else you fancy.

Note: Chicken stock is homemade from the last time I roasted chicken drumsticks off. I keep the bones and pop them into a large pan with some onion, garlic, and whatever bits of veg I have trimmings off and boil away for about an hour, whilst I carry on doing things.  Dependant on the volume I freeze the stock down in cup size portions so I always have some on hand.  Otherwise you could buy stock, just check the ingredients list to make it actually contains chicken stock and not a load of chemicals!


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