Tofu Scramble with extra protein

Tofu Protein Scramble Feb15

Inspired by a new client that I am currently working with – thank you!
This was really easy and made good use of the other half of the tofu from yesterday mornings breakfast.
A simple vegetable scramble with added protein!  Super yum, light but really filling.

150gm Silken Tofu (Organic & Non GMO)
1 cup veggies – diced (I used courgette, mushroom, orange capsicum)
1 clove garlic
2 small chili (yes I love my chillis and they are so good for you!)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 scp. Pea Protein – Natural (no flavour) If you’re not using this then add an extra tbsp of chia seed
1 tbsp water (omit if not using Protein Powder)
Salt, cracked pepper and herbs to taste

Serving suggestion: top with avocado and or tomato salsa or even a dollop of Hummus.

Heat an omelette pan with a little oil and add the veggies.  I used raw so I sautéed these off for a couple of mins prior but if you are using leftovers, then add these at the same time as the tofu mix.

In a blender or use a whiz stick; blend the tofu, protein powder, chia and seasoning, water until well combined.  Put this into the omelette pan with the veggies and stir around to incorporate everything together.

Leave for 2-3 mins then stir and repeat.  Total cook about time about 5 mins.

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