Broccoli and Bacon Salad

  Side salad, snack whichever you choose.  Great on it’s own or served with grilled meat, fish.  Poached eggs, tofu – over to you! Broccoli head – I blanched mine but you could eat raw if it doesn’t give you tummy problems. cut into florets. In a pan cook off 4-6 rashes of bacon alongContinue reading “Broccoli and Bacon Salad”

Pulled Pork with Coleslaw

Ok, so my photo’s aren’t crash hot (a quick grab the phone job) but the flavours are!  This is a great combo and I love utilising the slow cooker to make life so much easier.  The best of it is there is loads leftover for lunch tomorrow. Pulled Pork  I used a 2.75kg Shoulder jointContinue reading “Pulled Pork with Coleslaw”

Asian Style Salad

I just love the vibrancy of this salad.  I’ve been providing a complete support back up for a client this week whilst she’s been working extremely long hours at the Horse of the Year Show and this is just one of the many dishes I supplied her with…. Fresh, tasty and light and goes soContinue reading “Asian Style Salad”

Article – The Dominion Post – Life

I did a live cooking demo at Moore Wilson’s in Wellington, last Thursday 5th March. Thank you so much to Moore Wilson’s and to the lovely clientele that joined me on the morning. Sarah Catherall from the Dominion Post and one of their photographers was there. Sarah wrote this great article – thank you.  AlthoughContinue reading “Article – The Dominion Post – Life”

Tastings and Book signings in Hawkes Bay

I love these tasting and book signing events, they have been and are sooo much fun! I have 2 coming up in Hawkes Bay this week, which I am really excited about, currently I think I am just living on the energy I get from meeting and connecting with everyone, it is a great experienceContinue reading “Tastings and Book signings in Hawkes Bay”

Healthy Beef Patties

  Who said burgers weren’t healthy!  Gluten, Dairy and Egg Free Homemade Beef Patties served on a nice fresh cabbage leaf, with wholegrain mustard, avocado.  Sides: Raw Energy Salad from my book..Go Clean & Lean with Carie, mixed green leaves from the garden and a large Brown mushroom. Serving: 5 x 100gm Patties 500gm angusContinue reading “Healthy Beef Patties”