Sage Chips!

Sage leaves

Sage is such an amazing herb and I have an abundance in the garden and didn’t really know what to do with it all.  I’ve got some drying but still have masses.

Over the weekend I was making a lot of Silverbeat Chips (again had lots and no Kale so it made a good substitute).  It got me thinking why not Sage chips? if you can fry them in butter then why not bake them?

They are lovely, not a strong flavour either which did surprise me.  I made them in the same way I do for Kale or Silverbeat Chips by rubbing the leaves with olive oil then baking in a hot oven 190oC for about 10-15mins. That’s it, give it go.

Benefits of Sage:
Aids: Digestive system, rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin K,
Alzheimers, Anti-inflammatory, Type 2 Diabetes and many more…….

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