Hot Roasted Pepper Sauce

Roasted Pepper Sauce1 RawRoasted Pepper Sauce Fin2

With an excess of peppers and cherry tomatoes, I made this lovely roasted pepper sauce.  I love chilli sauce and always looking for variety in flavour and depth.  This worked so well.

Oven heated to 190oC, I placed all the veggies on the baking tray and drizzled with quality olive oil and pinch of salt and good amount of freshly cracked pepper.  Roasted for about 40-50mins, then whilst hot took the stalks out of the peppers and chilli’s (leaving the seeds in place) then placed everything including all the juices into the food processor and blended to a lovely thick sauce.

Make the combination to suit your heat requirements; I added 3 Jalapeno and 1 long red chilli into my mix, with several large garlic cloves, an onion quartered.

Bottled and refrigerated! Viola and enjoy

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