Time to ‘Kick Ass’

It seems like an age since I last blogged regarding Fasting, maybe because I haven’t been!  This post is less about Fasting today and more about giving myself a good kick up the backside……

I stopped fasting some time ago, as it seemed my blood pressure was dipping quite low and I was getting a few ‘starry’ moments whilst doing some of my gym sessions. Considering I had been 2 day complete fasting for quite a while it seemed appropriate to ease back into full 7 day eating to see if my blood pressure resumed to normal. (Indeed it did, so this does highlight as per some research that Fasting may well reduce blood pressure).

What’s been interesting is that over the course of the last 3 months I have sneaked a few extra kilo’s on!  Many would say not noticeable but for me enough to know that my jeans are some what snugger fitting than they were previously (if you know what I mean).

I’d taken the eye off the ball and on reflection, I’ve allowed my portion sizing to sneak up a little and with the many book launch events where I do tastings, I have clearly been doing a little too much ‘Quality Control’ tasting – yummy though! Also a lot of driving. No matter where I stay, exercise always happens in one form or another.

Anyway, I did a weigh in a couple of weeks ago which highlighted why my jeans where snug…I’d put on 3.5kg’s (yes, I can hear the cries now…what, are you kidding me…seriously that’s nothing) and you know what, you’d be absolutely right but within my skin and my clothes that’s enough to be uncomfortable.  Not only that, I was getting very bloated and puffy.

Kick-ass time: Food: I already eat a wheat and gluten free diet in the main so I needed to ditch the meat, cheese and nuts (I always function better when I have either omitted meat, diary & nuts completely or dramatically reduced the amount). So with the exception of some bacon, meat has gone for now, placing a focus on increasing my fish intake. The little cheese I do have is now Goats Milk (and it is little due to the cost!).

I can hear you now…so what on earth are you eating?…PLENTY is my reply. Loads of veggies as always, lentils and beans, eggs and a little goats feta. Organic tofu, pea protein, seeds – chia, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame. Gojo berries, oh so loving these for some reason I hadn’t bought any for ages.

The difference being is once again I am now actually listening to what my body functions better on. I have increased energy and the bloat/puff feeling has gone 🙂

Exercise: Again, I exercise everyday but my intensity has not really been there especially on the cardio side as I had started to run again but the road had brought on the niggles from some older injuries. (suffering a little self pity – pissed offness! haha is that a word?)

So, after getting an Osteo appointment to put me back into structural alignment I am off. Not on the road but hammering into the X’trainer with gusto.  20 -30min hard out effort, moving up and down levels on a minute by minute basis, a program I love to offer to clients too.  It’s a great way to maximise effort and reduce time.

So: a week into my new ‘Kick Ass’ mode and 1.5kg gone 🙂  Bring on the next week and my jeans fitter easier as each day goes by!

Take home points:

1) Listen to how your body responds to the foods you are eating

2) Think if you’ve let your portions get a little bigger than they should be

– you want to be Nourishing your body with the best foods possible, enough to feel satiated but not grounded.

3) Think about if you are hungry or just pacifying an emotion

4) Make no more excuses and get out there and do whatever exercise you love and energises you!

5) Surround yourself my people that will support and motivate you

Enjoy and get motivated 🙂

P.S. Just because I am a Health & Fitness Coach does not make me super human or immune to the everyday challenges other people face.  Thanks to a wonderful friend for giving me a gentle nudge.

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