Clean Up Time! High protein required

Tuna Hi Res

So, the story goes something like this.  Some long days, throw in quite a lot of travelling and a little too many treats and a girl starts to feel a tad sluggish to say the least!

I knew today was going to be another travel day, several hours sitting in the car.  Last night I had green leaves, raw veggies and some chicken (not a lot) but I still felt quite full this morning on waking so decided I’d 24hr fast.

But, then comes the challenge:  got home after being away for over 3 weeks; no ‘food’  in the cupboards and really could not be bothered to head to the supermarket, the last thing quite frankly I wanted to contemplate.  Also now feeling some real hunger and in need of something but didn’t want to resort to takeout.

This is what I found in my cupboards (with no food!).

1 tin tuna in springwater – drained
1 cup frozen peas (defrosted in boiling water)
sundried tomato – chopped
black olives – sliced
drizzle of olive oil
pinch of chilli and cracked pepper

Add all ingredients together and have yourself a quick tasty and healthy snack/meal.

Enjoy!  and thankfully no trip to the shops required and saved heaps by not getting a takeaway.  Also I already feel much better after my fast.

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