Bought Broccoli Chips – Healthy or not???


Well, the reality is they certainly should be, that is of course if you don’t buy them in a pack and you make them yourself!!

The last 2-3 weeks here in SE QLD, I’ve spent a greater part of time in Organic Health Food Stores, doing tastings and book launches.

Well…today this one caught my eye big time.  Why you ask? well, probably it’s first time I’ve seen Broccoli Chips (in a packet) how exciting, a nice healthy quick snack I thought.  STOP right there!

The list of ingredients went something like this: Broccoli (great that was No. 1), Palm Oil, Maltose…….What???

Seriously how dare they? Yes I am getting on my high horse about this one.  Why on earth does sugar (by another name) need to be added into what is being promoted as a health food?

There are many that would have just picked that pack up and bought them thinking  – “great healthy snack for me or the kids” but what a shame they have to spoil what could be a truely healthy quick snack.

BUYER BE WARE – READ THE PACKET AND KNOW YOUR SUGARS! (a previous post 95 names for suagr!)

I’ll step off my pedisatal now and encourage you to create your own healthy snacks and of course read the label before you buy – sad fact but true!

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