The wonders of Roasted Dandelion Root

Roast DL Root w Cup Roast DL Root

Seriously I have got addicted to this stuff whilst on this trip here in sunny QLD.  There are indeed worse things to be addicted too for sure!

Here’s just afew of it’s wonders: 
Acts as a detox, liver cleanse, blood purifier
Aids digestion and gallbladder health
Acts as a diuretic
It’s natural and non caffeinated

I’ve added a couple of other web links below if you wish for some further reading on this herb/weed, don’t feed it all to the rabbit!

But, if you love coffee and let me tell you, I am a self confessed coffee snob who loves her double espresso’s.  This could be a great alternative or addition to your repertoire.

As you can see I make mine in a French Press or Cafetiere as otherwise known.
Like any beverage, you’ll need to play around with the measures and ‘brew’ time to suit your taste.  Personally; 2 heaped teaspoons, covered with off the boil water and let sit for 4-5mins. as I really enjoy a thicker and richer taste.

More info check out:

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