A quick reminder to check the Label!

Kidney bean label front

Today I was making a Chilli Con Carne and it struck that me perhaps the thought to check a label on such a product as Kidney Beans, would not come high on many people’s agenda. So here is a quick reminder why you should ALWAYS check the label and what to look for.

Here is example 1: Ingredient list reads: Red Kidney beans then water

Awesome exactly what I am looking for; just beans with no added salt and sugar

Kidney bean label 1

Now here is example 2: Ingredient list reads: Red Kidney beans, water, SUGAR and salt.

So what I hear you say? well all these sneaky additions of sugar and sodium all stack up over the course of a day and you’d likely add more salt during your cooking too!

Kidney Bean label 2

All I’m saying is: if you are geniune about trying to reduce or cut added sugars from your diet, then check the label!


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