A brand new month – Motivation!

Motivation time

Sunday 1st November – A brand new month and time to kick some ass and stop the procrastination!

This picture is my way to ensure I have a reminder of the goals I have set myself for the next 2 weeks:
My time line
My Goal,
My Motivational photo

Whilst it remains visual on my fridge, it is always there to remind me of the personal commitment I have set myself. I will re-assess this in 2 weeks time.

Many people may assume that because I am a Health & Fitness Coach, (I train clients on a physical level and also work with many nutirionally as well) that it is easy for me!

Easy to go exercise everyday
Easy to eat healthy and drop a few Kg’s when required
Easy to motivate myself

The truth and reality of that is; yes on many occassions it is I won’t deny that, but on many occassions it isn’t!
I too am a normal human being and go through stages when self motivation starts to waiver.

Some day’s I too just want to sleep in and stay under the covers (especially if the weather doesn’t look to great outside).  The body may feel achy.  I may just fancy that bag of chips/crisps and damn it that extra glass of wine too!

  • Creating consistancy with what you do and being honest with yourself can help with this.
  • Set small, acheivable goals and make them visual
  • Keep making small changes until they become habit
  • Get rid of any foods in your cupboard/fridge that are not assisting you

For me; the peanut butter has gone. Yes I only buy 100% pure peanut butter but the reality is this is a domino food for me and by that I mean; 1 teaspoon is never enough…..

I eat more veggies in a day than most would eat in a week and that doesn’t change.  I live very much an 80/20 rule. 80% good clean foods and 20% flexi.  The truth is not that I’ve deviated away from this. but more I’ve allowed my portion sizing to creep up and my exercise levels have definitely reduced over the winter months.

Bottom line: time to shake the winter blues away and stop making excuses!

Wishing you great November and go get those goals 🙂

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