Posh Toulose Sausage style patties!

Love your sausages but hate all the ‘other stuff’ that goes into them? only 4 ingredients in these beauties!

Well, problem solved with these real easy and super yummy sausage style patties. A great portion of healthy protein that can be eaten any time…breakie on the go, snack, lunchbox, dinner.

I devide my mixture into 100gm sausage/patties

600gm fresh pork mince
1 large garlic clove – crushed or minced
1/2 cup or good handful fresh parsley – finely chopped
pinch of sea salt and freshly cracked pepper to taste

6 rashers of quality smoked bacon

Place all the ingredients, except the bacon into a large bowl and mix well. A bit yukkie but I’ve found using your hands works best – maybe a job for the kids! 😉

Then measure into desired weight portions, I’ve found 100gm is a perfect size!

Then mould each portion into desired shape; I’ve done mine as rectanglar because they cook quicker.

Place strip of bacon out on place or board and roll around the pattie. Cover and refridgerate until needed.



Can be cooked on BBQ, in a non stick fry pan or even in a hot oven 190oC. Takes approx. 10-12mins.


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