Carob Protein Powder – DF/GF/Vegan

Carob Protein       CAROB INGRED

Since arriving back in Australia I have been on the hunt for a good “clean” and by I mean no added sweeteners Vegan Protein Powder.  There are alot of variations on the market and it’s aways a costly process finding one that not only suits your needs but also blends easily and taste reasonably decent too and hasn’t been pre-sweetened!

Yesterday, thanks to a great guy at Infinite Fitness & Supplements in Carindale, QLD. he guided me to this product and that’s what I purchased!

So far, I am seriosuly liking it; Yesterday, to test it out I added a scoop into a small glass of water and whisked with a fork to create a mousse like consistancy (always a good way to test out how well it’ll blend). It has a slight backnote taste of hazlenut, I also added a good sprinkle of cinnamon for theextra health benefits.

Result: It blended quickly to create a smooth texture with no grittiness. This I like and something that alot of Pea and Vegan Protein Powders suffer from “the grit factor”.

Love the fact that it has nothing added, completely wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, soy FREE, which means it’s a perfect choice for many who suffer from various food intolerances.

Watch this space as I start to experiement in recipes with this.


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