Thank you!

Above is just a quick snapshot from Thursday evenings Workshop at Wray Organics in Cleveland.  Thank you so much to everyone that attended.  We covered so much….. from making my Vegan paleo bread, using chia seeds to replace eggs, some of the ancient grains, awareness around fructose sugars and looking at ways of reducing themContinue reading “Thank you!”

Market day haul! Reduce waste

Ok, so it’s market day and you’ve got your haul of fresh veggies That’s awesome! Biggest problem is things like ginger and chilli you only tend to use in smaller amounts so you don’t always get to use it

Goals – Regress to Progress

  Regress to Progress and don’t give up on your goal!   (Health Warning: I am about to ramble!) So, you set yourself a goal and a deadline? Things start well? Then things don’t go to plan? You think; “you know what, this really is all too hard and why on earth did I setContinue reading “Goals – Regress to Progress”