Market day haul! Reduce waste

Ok, so it’s market day and you’ve got your haul of fresh veggies for the next few days – That’s awesome!  Biggest problem is things like ginger and chilli you only tend to use in smaller amounts so you don’t always get to use it all before it’s gone way past it’s best!

Fresh ginger is great not only for adding to the stir fry’s but add a great zing to your breakfast smoothly or juice and make a lovely addition to green tea!
As a chilli addict, I add it to everything from my breakfast scramble/friatta, smoothy, salads….well anything in fact.

So, some quick tips to keep your fresh haul as fresh as possible – FREEZE IT!
But before you do, a few quick steps to make it easy to use straight from the freezer.

When buying make sure you’ve checked how fresh your ginger and chilli really is:

Ginger; snap test – you should try breaking a small piece off, your looking for a nice clean snap sound.
Chilli; plump and glossy looking, no puckering or dull skin.

Make sure you suck all the air out of the bag prior to placing in the freezer. Both garlic and chilli chop easily from frozen!



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