Snapshot from Winter Warmer’s Workshop

Here is just a snapshot of some of the food from Thursday evening’s Workshop at Wray Organic’s in Cleveland. We doubled dipped into ingredients to create both sweet and savoury dishes. Discussed useful ways around extending the budget when purchasing Organic. Tips on how to use everything, even down to the many uses for the leftover sweetContinue reading “Snapshot from Winter Warmer’s Workshop”

Fight the Flu this season – the natural way!

This couldn’t be more topical!  Today of all days I get delivered the Redland City Bulletin (first time in 5 months)!. But…. this is going to be a major discussion point when we look at the ingredients we’re using in tomorrow evenings Workshop at Wray Organics in Cleveland. So if this may be a “hotContinue reading “Fight the Flu this season – the natural way!”

Free Thursday? Book your seat!

Lots happening in this Workshop on Thursday evening. Including talking you through how I created the Chocolate and Orange Brownies you see! they are FREE from: eggs, dairy, nuts, flours and as per all food on the evening…everything is wheat and gluten free! Talking about foods to boost the immune system and plenty to tasteContinue reading “Free Thursday? Book your seat!”

New Class starting at YMCA Victoria Pt!

    These sessions are going to be fun and informative! It really doesn’t matter what base you are starting from; come along and meet other like minded individuals.  Work at YOUR pace! Perfect also for those returning to activity after a joint replacement and or accident. It’s all about movement. Age? – honestly whoContinue reading “New Class starting at YMCA Victoria Pt!”