Lunch box fillers exposed!

After facilitating several Food & Nutritional Workshops over the recent School holiday’s, my attention was drawn to many of the lunch-box fillers the kids had and were merrily consuming.

Many of these concerned me greatly and I’ll show you why:


In this pouch serve of Fruit Crush there is 14.8gm Sugar, that equates to 3.5 teaspoons or close to 1 Tablespoon of sugar in this small serve!!  now, admittedly these are not added sugars but fructose sugars that occur in the fruit but all the fibre has been stripped out as this is just a combo of puree and juice concentrate…. so in this forms like a fruit juice creates a spike to blood sugar levels and then a drop.

onto the next:


Here we have a classic fruit yoghurt again in a pouch (designed for convenience not for health)! 8.3gm of sugar equates to 2 teaspoons, thats just over 1/2 tablespoon.  Check out the ingredients list below: 2nd on the list is SUGAR! (this is not naturally occurring lactose sugar, these are added.


These pouch options are actually not only creating sweet cravings for the kids but they also do away with using the jaw, teeth and developing a proper ability to cope with different textures of foods and of course natural flavours as opposed to sugar pumped ones!

and #3 on my list for today:


This incredibly well advertised bar: another 6.6gm of sugar, that’s 1.5 teaspoons or 1/2 tablespoon of sugar!  This is all adding up if these are all in one days lunch box…tally so far: 29.7gm thats 7.5 teaspoons thats without even considering breakfast, other ‘stuff’, afternoon tea, dinner etc.


Just have a closer look at these ingredients:
#1 Sugar is in the Rice Bubbles, along with barley malt extract
#2 Glucose, #3 Fructose, #5 more sugar, #6 glucose solids, #7 invert sugar
So that’s 7 sugars in that list, once again just a quick spike to the blood sugar levels and then a massive drop.

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