‘Quick Fix’ Weight loss options reviewed!

Ok, so as the Party session starts to gain momentum so does that desire for ‘quick fix’ options to supposedly negate the damage of the booze and crappie deep fried finger foods….sound familiar?

Below are just a couple of products that have popped up on my ‘radar’ just recently.

This blog is designed to provide you with an insight and awareness, from here you make your own choice(s) but more importantly think about  your decisions and choices moving forward.

Facts are important and being able to understand what you are looking at! 

Product #1 on my Radar: FatBlaster;

pretty cheap option and currently many chemist seem to be having some ‘deals’ on this, so lets take a closer look at just how powerful marketing and branding is:

What does ‘Fat Blaster’ say to you?



Here is a photo I took of a clients sachet of Fat Blaster Weight Loss Shake:

First thing I am looking for is Sugar:

per serve and this 33gm sachet has 17.5gm = 4.5 teaspoons of sugar; then as per instructions and nutritional data provided. if you mix that with 250ml of skim milk that takes the whole serve to a whooping: 30.4gm = 7.6 teaspoons of sugar! 

So here is my question: would you honestly and knowingly eat 7.6 teaspoons of sugar in one hit without actually eating real food?

Lets check the ingredients:


Ingredients are listed by volume from largest to smallest amounts

2nd: Sugar

5th: Polydextrose

6th: Beverage whitener contains: Hydrogenated Coconut oil  and  Glucose Syrup

8th: Maltodextrin

11th:  Sucralose

Here is the 2nd product up on my current radar:



Once again checking out the sugars:

Per 54gm serve this time a sachet provides: 17.8gm sugar = 4.45 teaspoons sugar

Bigger serve and same sugar as the FatBlaster I hear you say!  Ah ha… let go check out the ingredients…


Can you honestly say this is a healthy list..it’s huge!

5th Maltodextrin

6th Sugar 

8th Fructose

23rd Glucose Syrup 

29th Sweeteners: Aspartame and Acesulfame

Final words: Is it really any wonder why these types of products create a high and then a low in energy levels? They are a roller coaster  ride of sugars that also create a desire and need for more sugar.  These types are products are highly synthesised and a far cry from natural food!  They can also seriously interfere with your metabolism and thyroid function.

Many people will indeed lose a considerable amount of weigh on these types of pre-packaged products mainly because they are pre-portioned so create an element of ‘portion control’ however, the big question remains, do these food really nourish your body and create a healthy weight loss / weight management approach for the long term.

Think about either yourself and or someone you may know; they have lost the weight initially but what then happens once they return to a ‘normal food’ diet? chances are you/they have put the weight back on and more!

Food for thought……………

Long term weight loss and weight management come from gaining a greater understanding of food ingredients and how the marketing of products can sway us in one direction or another.

Actually eating REAL food that the body can digest and gain valuable nutritional benefit from are far more important than a quick fix!

Yes, it may require a little more thought and a little more effort but in the long term you create a healthy, happy body and mind!  





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