Simple but Effective Workout

So, if you saw last weeks mid-week Plateau Breaking Workout, then this week’s is another variation sure to get the heart rate pumping and the muscles screaming again!

Row and DB

Equipment needed:

  • Rowing machine
  • Kettlebell or Dumbbell or Medicine Ball

Aim: 5 rounds (start with 3 and build up to 5)

Time to get going! Keep moving, taking very short (sip of water) or no break between each round if possible

  1. 500mt Row
  2.  25 Single Arm High Pulls each side**
  3. 15 Push Ups

Take a note of your overall time so that you can work on increasing your pace through this Workout.

Notes**: For the Single Arm High Pulls you MUST use correct form – clink the link below to check and go as heavy as you can.  You can use a Kettlebell, Dumbbell or Medicine Ball for these.  (I used a Dumbbell)

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