Super excited to be going to IDEA WORLD

Idea World Ignite

In a bid to be able to provide my clients with the very best I possibly can, I will be heading to the States to attend the IDEA WORLD Fitness convention with 14,000 other fitness professionals.nutritional and mental aspects too.

I will keep you posted on some of the Presenters that I have lined up to see but I wanted to share with you my news that arrived in my ‘inbox’ this weekend!

Congratulations! You have been selected to be an International Representative at the 2019 IDEA® World Convention, June 26–30, in Anaheim, California!

As an International Representative, you can offer a discounted conference rate of $359 (USD) to your friends, followers and clients—over $100 off the regular nonmember price—and it includes a 12-month e-membership!

Your personal code is: INTL19+CarieSimply enter it at checkout to guarantee the $359 rate.

Please go ahead and spread the news and enjoy the benefit of the discount for this amazing event.

Thank you for an amazing 2018

Christmas-at-the-beach (1).pdf copy

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all my clients old and new for making this another incredible year.  

May you enjoy a lovely Christmas, stay active, stay safe and most of all have fun! 

2019 is just around the corner, time to start afresh and refocus on your GOALS and I look forward to seeing you then 🙂

Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2

Challenger’s; click the link below to access the slides from Saturday 11th August Workshop 2, where we covered Macro Nutrients.  These are key to assisting you in getting a varied and balanced nutritional intake.

Make the time and effect to access how you are nourishing your body, as this will have a big impact on you achieving your goals and maintaining good even energy levels throughout the day and week, as well as long term weight management.

Remember: you can work your butt off in the gym, BUT unless you re-access your nutritional intake you will NOT see the results you are looking for.

Take SMALL steps in making changes; make these a habit before making further changes.

Slow and steady will reap you BIGGER and longer term benefits.

August 18 Workshop 2 Club Pink FV


Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas

Christmas 2017 jpegWhat a crazy year; many challenges have been presented and many obstacles jumped.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you.  My clients, old and new for your incredible support throughout a year that has definitely presented much change and at times way too many challenges all at once!  We all need support at times like this, I thank you for yours.

But most importantly to have had the absolute pleasure to have been part your lives and see the journey’s you have taken, it’s such a privilege to be part of creating change.  Thank you!

Wishing you a really enjoyable Christmas period and look forward to assisting you in creating change for the New Year of 2018.

Lets make 2018 and Year that rocks!


New Playground! Welcoming all new clients

I am excited to announce my new playground/office! 

From Monday 9th October, you’ll find me at CISAC (Canberra International Sports & Aquatic Centre) at Bruce, ACT. 

Running my business from both Club Lime & Club Pink.

CISAC Front 1

Please feel free to come and chat if you see me around and or call me to book a free consultation on 0422 640 429, so that we are able to determine what is the best route forward for you!

Thank you so much to all my amazing clients in QLD for your continued support and friendship(s) over the years.  I am sad to leave you but look forward to continuing to work and stay in contact with many of you via email & skype 🙂




Simple but Effective Workout

So, if you saw last weeks mid-week Plateau Breaking Workout, then this week’s is another variation sure to get the heart rate pumping and the muscles screaming again!

Row and DB

Equipment needed:

  • Rowing machine
  • Kettlebell or Dumbbell or Medicine Ball

Aim: 5 rounds (start with 3 and build up to 5)

Time to get going! Keep moving, taking very short (sip of water) or no break between each round if possible

  1. 500mt Row
  2.  25 Single Arm High Pulls each side**
  3. 15 Push Ups

Take a note of your overall time so that you can work on increasing your pace through this Workout.

Notes**: For the Single Arm High Pulls you MUST use correct form – clink the link below to check and go as heavy as you can.  You can use a Kettlebell, Dumbbell or Medicine Ball for these.  (I used a Dumbbell)

Break through your Plateau

  • Now here is the question?  
  • Are you stuck in a rut with doing the same old exercises and cardio?
  • Can’t seem to accelerate to that next level?

This is a simple but effective combo sure to burst through those frustrating plateau phases.  Get the heart racing the muscles on fire and create a super burn factor!

Row and DB Clean 2

All you need is:

  • Rowing machine
  • Kettlebell or Dumbbell or Medicine Ball (either of these can be utilised).  (N.B. I used a dumbbell holding with a interlocking finger grip)
  • Towel to mop up the sweat!
  • Water bottle
  • Timer, note pad & pen (if you want to keep track and keep improving on this powerful combo)

You’re working a pyramid; so this what it looks like:

Row: 500mt / 50 Kettlebell Swings* (KBS)
Row: 600mt / 40 KBS
Row: 700mt / 30 KBS
Row: 800mt / 20 KBS
Row: 900mt / 10 KBS
Row: 1000mt / 100 KBS – YES THAT’S RIGHT – 100!  If this doesn’t finish you off then you need to increase your rowing speed and increase your weight of your Swings*

Note* You MUST ensure your Swing is conducted with good form; break the numbers down to ensure you re-set and perform the Swing well. Complete the full number before getting back on the next row section.

Click the link below to check technique for the Swing:

  • This powerful combo will give an interesting 4.5km row with a fantastic muscle burning 250 Swings.  
  • Calorie burn will of course depend on many factors: your structure; speed of row, weight used for swings. 

Approx: 60kg person will burn in excess of 450cals


On-Line Training NOW available!

Just a quick update to make you aware that I am now providing full

On-Line Training Services

This is a great opportunity to get your personalised Training sessions delivered directly into your “in-box”!

Email me at: 

for more details or ask questions.

Here is a short example of how it’ll look in your inbox; you’ll receive a link as below: click to view