Christmas Pud Ice Cream Recipe

Makes approx.  3 Cups (assuming you don’t taste test too much as you go!) Quick to make once you’ve got the fruit soaked, so you just finish it off on the morning prior to being needed. Soak the following ingredients for several hours or over night for that extra kick! (if you keep covered inContinue reading “Christmas Pud Ice Cream Recipe”

Oh yah…thinking about those chocolates being offered around?

Serve size Energy per serve kj – 4.1 = 1 cal Cal Time to walk it off! Based on 75kg person walking at average pace – 5km/ph Serve size Sugar 100g – sugar – g 100gm Protein – g Sodium serve – mg 100g Sodium serve – mg 28gm = 3 586 143 28 15.6Continue reading “Oh yah…thinking about those chocolates being offered around?”

‘Quick Fix’ Weight loss options reviewed!

Ok, so as the Party session starts to gain momentum so does that desire for ‘quick fix’ options to supposedly negate the damage of the booze and crappie deep fried finger foods….sound familiar? Below are just a couple of products that have popped up on my ‘radar’ just recently. This blog is designed to provide youContinue reading “‘Quick Fix’ Weight loss options reviewed!”

Want to understand more about Fats and Sugars? Workshop Thursday 27th October

This will be great opportunity to understand more about some of the different Fats, Oils and Sugars.  Great opportunity to ask some questions.