Super excited to be going to IDEA WORLD

In a bid to be able to provide my clients with the very best I possibly can, I will be heading to the States to attend the IDEA WORLD Fitness convention with 14,000 other fitness professionals.nutritional and mental aspects too. I will keep you posted on some of the Presenters that I have lined upContinue reading “Super excited to be going to IDEA WORLD”

Thank you for an amazing 2018

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all my clients old and new for making this another incredible year.   May you enjoy a lovely Christmas, stay active, stay safe and most of all have fun!  2019 is just around the corner, time to start afresh and refocus on your GOALS andContinue reading “Thank you for an amazing 2018”

Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2

Challenger’s; click the link below to access the slides from Saturday 11th August Workshop 2, where we covered Macro Nutrients.  These are key to assisting you in getting a varied and balanced nutritional intake. Make the time and effect to access how you are nourishing your body, as this will have a big impact onContinue reading “Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2”

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas

What a crazy year; many challenges have been presented and many obstacles jumped. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you.  My clients, old and new for your incredible support throughout a year that has definitely presented much change and at times way too many challenges all at once! Continue reading “Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas”

Simple but Effective Workout

So, if you saw last weeks mid-week Plateau Breaking Workout, then this week’s is another variation sure to get the heart rate pumping and the muscles screaming again! Equipment needed: Rowing machine Kettlebell or Dumbbell or Medicine Ball Aim: 5 rounds (start with 3 and build up to 5) Time to get going! Keep moving,Continue reading “Simple but Effective Workout”

On-Line Training NOW available!

Just a quick update to make you aware that I am now providing full On-Line Training Services This is a great opportunity to get your personalised Training sessions delivered directly into your “in-box”! Email me at:  for more details or ask questions. Here is a short example of how it’ll look in your inbox;Continue reading “On-Line Training NOW available!”

Christmas Pud Ice Cream Recipe

Makes approx.  3 Cups (assuming you don’t taste test too much as you go!) Quick to make once you’ve got the fruit soaked, so you just finish it off on the morning prior to being needed. Soak the following ingredients for several hours or over night for that extra kick! (if you keep covered inContinue reading “Christmas Pud Ice Cream Recipe”