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These two variations 5:2 and 6:1 from what I understand are for improved weight loss, body composition and general health improvement as well as just giving the system a good rest!

There are then other versions such as 16:8 and 18:6 which are 16 hours fast followed by 8 hours feeding with 18:6 being 18hrs fast and re-feed over a 6 hrs period.

I have always told clients to eat breakfast and this often flies in the face of this as the 18hrs fast may take you through breakfast, though it is up to you and your lifestyle. This journey is about listening to your body.

If you need to be sociable in the evening then fasting from your last meal in the evening till 16 hours later will take you to lunch, however this seems to be mainly used by body builders where exercise and protein loading is usually part of their lifestyle. This format indeed was used by Hugh Jackman when he bulked up to Play Wolverine so clearly it works! 😉

It is easy to find pro and anti fasting when trawling through the net, so this is my opportunity to play, log everything and see what happens for us.

Below are some interesting links for you to check out. I’ll add more as they come up.

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