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Preview GoCleanandLean PWP May 15

Click on the link above to preview my book.  I do have stock available for delivery in NZ & Australian if you would like a signed copy!

So, if you would like to order a copy direct from me then please contact me using the form below or to check out your local stockist, click the following link:



When you are training and need a quick recovery food or looking for ways to increase your protein intake within your diet; then utilising protein powders may help.

Nuzest  is one of the purest protein powders on the market and is completely gluten, wheat dairy and soy free.

Welcome on board to NuZest Australia: use my Promotional Code: BOLT16AU to receive 10% discount and free delivery on purchases over $200:

For NZ Purchases direct from:
use my Promotional Code: BOLT to receive 15% discount and free delivery within NZ.

Other Company recommendations:

In Australia I would highly  recommend Nutritional Warehouse; their own brand of Whey Protein Powder – Genetix Nutrition is again one of the cleaner varieties on the market. They have stores and online shop:

If you are a client of mine then I am more than happy to assist you with discounts where possible. (this is only available to my clients)

I would also recommend an Auckland based company called NZ Muscle for other protein and health products. Visit them at

They provide great prices in NZ for Protein powders etc and their delivery is also free and swift!!!



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