Thank you!

Thank you so much to eveyone that attended my Workshop last night – Thursday 17th March at Wray Organics in Cleveland.  Thanks also to Marion and Emma for being such wonderful support crew and allowing me to host this event. Here are few photo’s from the evening’s events:

Sage Chips!

Yes, you heard me right!  Sage Chips.  Think Kale Chips then think Sage.  A wonderful herb that once roasted tastes nothing like sage!  hard to believe but give it a go.   Packed full of anti-flammatory and antioxidant compounds, potentially may also assist with the good old hot sweats experienced by many during menopause, notContinue reading “Sage Chips!”

Do you have sugar on your lips? 95 names below..

Sage Chips!

Sage is such an amazing herb and I have an abundance in the garden and didn’t really know what to do with it all.  I’ve got some drying but still have masses. Over the weekend I was making a lot of Silverbeat Chips (again had lots and no Kale so it made a good substitute).Continue reading “Sage Chips!”

Tips for Quitting Sugar

Firstly get into the habit of checking all food labels because sugar crops up in the most unsuspecting places, here are just a few examples: Flavoured Crisps and Chips (Corn/Potato/Rice/Cassava), Sauces, Baked Beans and other tinned products even vegetables and fruit, Cereals & Muesli, Deli Meats, anything flavoured including water, spice mixes, dried fruits (many have addedContinue reading “Tips for Quitting Sugar”