Sage Chips!

Yes, you heard me right!  Sage Chips.  Think Kale Chips then think Sage.  A wonderful herb that once roasted tastes nothing like sage!  hard to believe but give it a go.   Packed full of anti-flammatory and antioxidant compounds, potentially may also assist with the good old hot sweats experienced by many during menopause, notContinue reading “Sage Chips!”

Superfoods Salad

Keeping it simple can sometimes bring the best results! Packed full of anti-oxidant superfoods, boosting your energy levels along with providing a whacking punch of Vitamin A,K,C, B6 & 12, copper, iron, magnesium, fiber to name just a few. This salad comes together in no time and keeps well in a sealed container in theContinue reading “Superfoods Salad”

Kickin’ Good Green Smoothy!

Oh yah, this IS good!  I was in need of a quick pick me up this afternoon. Clients started at 6am, tucked in workout for myself before my morning double expresso then back for emails and study.  I’ve been a tad sluggish this week with the cold weather and generally needed some ‘time out’ fromContinue reading “Kickin’ Good Green Smoothy!”

Choc Strawberries with toasted almonds

Strawberries and chocolate, a match made in heaven! Making the most of some amazingly fresh and juicy strawberries to create a quick dessert option that looks posh but takes minimal effort. Full of great anti-oxidants. Large punnet of fresh strawberries 100-150gm good quality dark chocolate – 70% or 85% 1/4 cup flaked almonds   Break theContinue reading “Choc Strawberries with toasted almonds”

Sage Chips!

Sage is such an amazing herb and I have an abundance in the garden and didn’t really know what to do with it all.  I’ve got some drying but still have masses. Over the weekend I was making a lot of Silverbeat Chips (again had lots and no Kale so it made a good substitute).Continue reading “Sage Chips!”