Curly Kale Stir Fry

Today I really fancied a good plate full of energising veggies after my late morning workout.  Nothing too heavy.  Here’s what was in my Stir Fry. Be prepared to be powered up! 1 med Onion 1 med Carrot 1 med Courgette/Zucchini 1/4 sm Leek 3 garlic cloves 3 sm chilli’s (2 red/1 green) – optionalContinue reading “Curly Kale Stir Fry”

Zingy Slaw!

  Sometimes you just need to jazz it up!  Try this fresh and zesty version of my Red Cabbage Slaw. For speed I prepared the veggies in the food processor. 1/4 large red cabbage – shredded 1 large carrot – grated 1/2 small red onion – grated or finely chopped 3 good sized florets ofContinue reading “Zingy Slaw!”

Hot Roasted Pepper Sauce

With an excess of peppers and cherry tomatoes, I made this lovely roasted pepper sauce.  I love chilli sauce and always looking for variety in flavour and depth.  This worked so well. Oven heated to 190oC, I placed all the veggies on the baking tray and drizzled with quality olive oil and pinch of saltContinue reading “Hot Roasted Pepper Sauce”

Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens

Tonight I got in later than usual and just needed something quick, light but nourishing. So this is what I put into a saucepan and let it bubble away whilst I on and did other stuff! 1 cup Chicken Stock (see note below) 1 garlic clove – sliced 1 red chilli – sliced (optional) 2 handfuls ofContinue reading “Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens”